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Computer Languages and Platforms

C/C++ — 5.5 years

C is the Dominant language in CS courses. Early courses introduced trees and other structures, as well as algorithms and running times. More recent projects include a program that renders 3d objects (uses the Mesa graphics library). SAGE was written in C++. I also implemented a world dominance game in C++ (using a TK module written by a friend for the graphics). I have a working knowledge of the STL.

HTML/XHTML — 12 years

I taught myself HTML, and have used it in several projects, including BYUH's Student Chapter of the ACM and Winget / Wingate Genealogy. I am unable to divulge the sites I created for Galaxy Mall.

XML — 12 years

Java — 12 years

Experience includes Applets, web apps (Servlets / JSPs), applications, and networked games. Java was the language used at Asset Evolution, AxisPointe, and Rescue Alert.

JavaScript — 10 years

I've done everything from menu systems to a Color Picker. My personal philosophy is that JavaScript should enhance a site, but not be critical for a site’s usability.


I taught myself Perl. Perl is my language of choice for CGI scripts and projects that involve heavy text parsing. I used it to program GradeBot. I also implemented a HTTP/1.1 web server while studying sockets.

PHP — 6 years

My PHP experience is limited to creating dynamic web pages. I am involved in the development of PhpGedView (an open source family history collaboration webapp) and MyBBoard (an open source forum software).

SQL — 11 years

My experience is mostly with MySQL, but I am now leaning towards Postgresql. Many projects I’ve developed for clients are database driven. I’ve used APIs in Perl, Java, and PHP to communicate with databases

Linux — 11 years

I have been a Linux end-user since 1997 and sysadmin from 1998 to 2000 and from 2002 to the present. I’ve recompiled the kernel in order to support sound drivers. I am also responsible for the security on these systems (patching the kernel and software as needed, maintaining the firewall, etc). My personal Linux server runs Samba configured with roaming profiles as well as public and privileged shares.

Professional Experience

1. Software Engineer

Sep 2009 – Present

Rescue Alert, Inc

Rescue Alert manufactures and monitors Personal Emergency Response Systems (ex. medical alarms). I was hired on at Rescue Alert to help rewrite the software used in the monitoring center, and to create software to program Rescue Alert's new PERS unit. Additionally, I had general I.T. duties ranging from maintaining our servers to clearing paper jams.

2. Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2008 – Aug 2009

AxisPointe, Inc

In January 2008, AxisPointe acquired Asset Evolution. I continued my duties of developing T.E.A.M.S. (rebranded as AxisFM). In addition to adding new features to the legacy webapp, I was key in architecting a Web 2.0 compliant version of AxisFM.

3. Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2007 – Jan 2008

Asset Evolution, Inc.

In 2007, Asset Evolution made me a contract employee instead of a consultant. I was the main developer of T.E.A.M.S. (Total Enterprise Asset Management System) – a Java Servlet used to track asset life cycles and costs. Data was stored in MySQL.

4. Independent Consultant

Dec 2001 – Jan 2007

Self Employed (Winget Solutions)

I offered services in application and web site development. My clients have included Asset Evolution, Inc and Datamark < www.datamark.com >.

4. Programmer

Oct 2000 - Oct 2001

Stores Online / Galaxy Mall, Inc. / Netgateway

Galaxy Mall's main focus is to develop storefronts for individuals and small businesses. I started in Galaxy Mall's Programming Department. I created and corrected sites using static HTML and simple JavaScript. My other duties included consulting with the merchants and manipulating graphics. Galaxy Mall uses Authorize.net for credit card processing.

I was promoted to the Advanced Programming Department where I wrote CGI Scripts (primarily in Perl), complex JavaScript, and sites connected to databases.

With the advent of StoresOnline 4.0, my focus was shifted to preparing the user interface for this automatic store builder. This involved writing a CGI application, developing a cross-browser JavaScript to display help agents, and programming templates for the storefronts.

5. Computer Lab Technician

May 1998 - June 2000

CS Unix Lab

Brigham Young University - Hawaii

My main responsibilities included tutoring and grading student development projects. I also programmed lab projects as needed. These projects included a GradeBot written in Perl and SAGE (Super Adventure Game Engine) - which is used by second year students. I engineered a Java / Perl application that creates the Computer Science Directory.


1. Brigham Young University - Hawaii

Graduation: June 2000

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Major: Computer Science

Minor: Mathematics

2. Kahuku High School

Graduation: June 1994

Degree: cum laude

Other Related Items

IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

* Official member since May 2009

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery

* Official member since the 1998 - 1999 academic year

Secretary for BYUH Student Chapter for the 1999 - 2000 academic year

* Created Perl scripts for online registration for our local contests.

* Developed a GradeBot for school contests that updated web pages with real time scores.

Won local programming contest and participated in Southern California Regional competition in 1998 and 1999, placing in top 10 of 61 teams at regional level in 1999.

(Last updated 20 Aug 2011)